01 Apr 2019

Streamline Your Move to Donnybrook: 6 Tips For a Stress-less Moving Day

They say that moving house is right up there as one of life's most stressful events. So much to do, so much to organise and then on top of that life goes on as usual. But does it really have to be so daunting? These top tips will have you feeling relaxed and ready to embrace your new home adventure at Kinbrook.

  • Throw, donate, declutter

Rather than move a truck load of possessions that end up in the skip once you've moved, start early and divide everything up into keep, donate and rubbish piles. Community marketplaces are a great place to sell some of your unwanted goods, and have someone come and pick them up!

  • Tools of the trade

Good quality moving boxes, industrial tape dispensers and a collection of permanent markers are the essential tools for a move with ease. Community notice boards are a good place to check out to nab some second hand boxes. Bunnings has a whole store section on moving house materials if you need to stock up - boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, they have the lot.

  • Label everything

Make sure you label all your packing boxes, on all sides, to save having to rustle through everything looking for the can opener. A good tip is to label the boxes with the rooms you need your moving company to place the boxes in at the other end. Don't assume your movers will know which ones are fragile and breakable.

  • Book play dates

Moving day can be all consuming, which can mean the kids and pets can get bored which is distracting for all. Organise playdates for kids and pets, sleep overs if you can. You will get the job done a lot quicker without them under foot.

  • First night in

After a long day of moving, nothing beats a hot shower and a cup of tea! Create a care pack for yourself with everything you will need to get you through your first night in your new home, you deserve it!

  • We've moved!

As you open the mail in the lead up to moving day, add to a list of who needs to be notified of your new address. Australia Post has some helpful hints to consider, check them out when you organise your mail redirection.

The Kinbrook Land Sales Team provide no obligation information for all new home buyers, for houses and land for sale in the Kinbrook area, and can provide helpful guidance for new home buyers across all aspects of the building journey. Visit the team at Cnr English Street and Donnybrook Rd, or call them on 0408 917 098 for all your Kinbrook home buyer news.

Streamline Your Move to Donnybrook: 6 Tips For a Stress-less Moving Day

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