24 Apr 2020

Staying on Track in a COVID-19 Climate

The property market may seem daunting at the moment but if you are wanting to proceed with your new home aspirations, the good news is that there are a number of options available to keep you moving forward. The team at Kinbrook are here to help you with some helpful hints to navigate beginning the new home process amid the COVID-19 climate.

Finance & Home Loans

Though social distancing laws are in place, a great number of businesses and institutions have implemented a wealth of avenues to stay in touch and conduct business. This includes brokers, banks and the team at Kinbrook. Whether it be applying for loans through emails, chatting with someone about your finance over the phone or video calls with our very own Sales Team, there is always a way to keep your plans on track.

Changes to Your Employment

If your employment status changes due to the COVID 19 pandemic at any point during your new home journey, you can rest assured that options are available to you. Lenders have been provided guidance by the Australian Government to support people by extending loan terms, reducing payments or restructuring any debts to make repayments more manageable.

Insurance & Loan Protection

It is definitely a good idea to consider loan protection insurance at a time like this, giving you peace of mind and the necessary support to combat situations that may arise including involuntary unemployment, serious illness and accidental injury.

Government Initiatives

The Australian Government has put contingencies in place that allow you to operate on a near-normal basis including offering Jobseeker allowances, the Jobkeeper initiative, early access to Superannuation as well as a range of stimulus packages to help keep you stable and planning your dream home. For more information about what you could be eligible for, head to the Services Australia website.

While it may seem like your new home options are limited right now, there are support networks in place to make sure your dream can still be realised. To chat with our team about how they can help you, email kinbrook@rpmrealestate.com.au or call our friendly sales team on 0408 917 098.

Staying on Track in a COVID-19 Climate

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